New App developed in Brisbane seeks to improve communication between Separated & Divorced Parents

Unlike many other western nations who bemoan a 50% or greater divorce rate, Australian marriages are a little more resilient, and the divorce rate in Australia has actually been declining and latest data published by the Australian Bureau of Statics show that the divorce rate in Australia in 2016 declined by almost 4% on the number of divorces in Australia in 2015. Notwithstanding, still 46,406 divorces were granted in 2016, a number no person can celebrate. In Australia, 47% of divorces involve children (under 18 years), and therefore a growing portion of the Australian adult population go about their day to day lives having to navigate the added challenges of co-parenting with their ex-spouse, and which for many is a toxic communication environment. A Brisbane-based startup aims to make this co-parenting journey a little easier with the release of their Divvito messaging app for separated or divorced parents.

Divvito messenger app with its cloud AI back-end goes several steps beyond traditional email and instant messaging apps to help ex-spouses keep their emotions in check when they can't and enables better communication between separated/divorced parents for the improved well-being of their children.

While the initial launch version of the app will be furthered developed to deliver more cutting-edge features, it currently can be downloaded and trialled for free, so if you are separated/divorced with children or you participate in the family law sector, this new Brisbane-developed communication solution is worthy of a look.

Available now in both the Apple and Google app stores:


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